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C60 Booster


Introducing our advanced treatment serum containing two powerful ingredients - C60 Fullerene and E..

Cleansing Mousse With Organic White Tea


Start each day on a cloud with our soft and velvety cleansing mousse. Formulated with 100% Ecocert i..

Perfect & Glow Serum


This serum targets Dehydration, Textural Irregularities, ..

Azeloyl 10 Moisturiser


With 10% Azeloyl GlycinePromotes dermal equilibrium Azeloyl 10 is a moisturising cream formul..

How to prevent skincare pilling

For many of us, doing our skincare routine is a happy place. A Zen moment to ourselves. A chance to take a breath and pamper our skin. Or it should be until you experience something called skincare pilling. Plenty of us have experienced it at least once. We do our skincare r..

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How to beat winter skin

Any season is better than summer. But the fact remains, wintertime can exceptionally harsh on the skin. How should you treat winter skin? What are some of the common mistakes we make, and how to fix them? Skincare routine Cold air, wind, central heating that dries the beje..

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How to know if you are overwashing your face

Cleansers give us joy! Simple as. Oils, balms, gels, the difference in textures, the scent, the ritual of washing off daily dirt and grime - cleansing your face can be awesome. Cleansing is the first and crucial step in keeping our skin healthy, bouncy, and plump. But someti..

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How to Treat Post-Holiday Skin

Holidays can be a mixed bag. For some people, it can be a stressful period with the travel and fraught family reunions that would test the patience of a saint. For others, it is a magical time of the year what with Christmas decorations everywhere, parties, and never-ending ..

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How to use retinol in the summer?

The skincare community will hotly debate any number of topics. Do you need a moisturiser? Are eye creams effective? How many times per week should you exfoliate? But one ingredient we can all agree on is retinol. It is a powerful ingredient with numerous studies that prove i..

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How to Treat Your Skin in Menopause

Hormonal changes affect our skin. It is blatantly apparent when we are teenagers. But menopause is no picnic either. It can bring about increased dryness, sensitivity, and, in some cases, even acne. Give your skin some comfort and tackle the changes head-on with some simple ..

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How to switch your skincare routine for autumn

The days are getting shorter and colder (thank heavens!), it is time to get cosy. It is also time to switch up your skincare routine to adjust to the change of season. What are some of the most common skin concerns during this transitional period? The change in temperature a..

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Ingredient highlight - amino acids

Amino acids might not be on your skincare radar. However, due to their nature, they are critical for our skin health. What are amino acids, and how do they benefit the skin? Should you include them in your routine? What are amino acids? Considered the building blocks in ou..

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Ingredient Highlight - Lipo-hydroxy acid

What is Lipo-hydroxy acid? Lipo-hydroxy acid is an ester of Salicylic acid. Where it differentiates from Salicylic acid is it has a higher molecular weight. Because of this, it slower to penetrate the skin and better tolerated. It is a lipophilic acid meaning it dissolves i..

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Ingredient Highlight - Azelaic Acid

Ask any skincare nerd about their favourite ingredient and be prepared to listen about the virtues of retinol/vitamin C/AHAs and what a difference it made to their skin (we are guilty of that, too). But if you have blemish-prone sensitive skin or suffer from rosacea, it can ..

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Cosmetic Ingredients A-Z and Their Properties

We're passionate about the ingredients that make up your favorite skincare products. From A-Z, each ingredient has been carefully chosen for its unique benefits to the skin, ranging from hydrating and soothing properties to anti-aging and brightening effects. Whether it?s th..

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Ingredient Highligh - Humectants

Healthy skin needs to be hydrated properly. Yes, regardless of the skin type. Humectants are ingredients that work well for all skin types. Oily skin gets the hydration it needs, without any of the oiliness. Dry and dehydrated benefits too, for obvious reasons. What are hume..

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Ingredient Highlight - Bisabolol

Bisabolol is an ingredient you might have heard of, or even come across on the inci list, but never really paid much attention to. The fact of the matter is, we might not talk about it to the same extent as we do about retinol or Alpha-Hydroxy acids. But it does have plenty ..

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Ingredient Highlight - Emollients

Come wintertime, one category of ingredients that gets talked about a lot in the skincare community is emollients. It is easy to understand why. Due to cold weather and change in temperature, the majority of us deal with dry or dehydrated skin. It is not a life-threatening c..

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Ingredient Highlight - Squalane

Want smooth, soft, well-hydrated skin? Give Squalane a try! Chances are a few of the products in your skincare stash contain Squalane. It is a popular ingredient, and for a good reason. It is super hydrating, but what is even more important, it is well tolerated by ALL skin ..

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C60 Fullerene - The new super star ingredient for your skincare routine

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and new skincare products are hitting the market every day. One of the latest buzzwords in the world of skincare is C60 fullerene. This molecule has been dubbed as the "superstar of your skincare routine," with many people swearing..

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Mandelic Acid

Mandelic Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) extracted from bitter almond. It has a long, safe history of use in medicine as an oral antibiotic, but has only recently become popular in skincare. Its use in skincare was pioneered by Dr Fulton, one of the researchers who devel..

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8 Bliss Inducing Love Chemicals Found in Chocolate

You may have heard people say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Research on the neuroscience of love and chocolate has some interesting findings that might surprise you. The first step to understanding how love and chocolate are linked is to look at ..

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How to Prepare for a Visit to a Facialist

A visit to a facialist should not be any different than a visit to a medical professional (or a hair dresser for that matter). You need to trust the person who is going to take care of your skin. Hair grows back after a bad haircut (that was how we kept consoling ourselves a..

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Sunscreen 101

If you grew up in the 80s, you might remember how cavalier most of us were about sunscreen application. We had no qualms about using opened sunscreen from the previous summer, anything over SPF15 was considered fancy, and reapplication was unheard of. Today we know differen..

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Why Not To Let Your Face Mask Dry Before Rinsing

A face mask is a quick and easy way to give your skin a boost. Clay masks have been a go-to beauty treatment for centuries, the perfect natural way of mopping up excess oil and invigorating a tired or blemish prone complexion. However to get the best out of your mask it is..

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Heat-Induced Sensitivity - How to Ease the Symptoms

Sensitive skin is a blanket term most of us use without much thought, but it is not a diagnosis per se. It signifies various things to different people. For some it might represent breakouts, others might experience extreme dryness. Or it could be a reaction to an ingredient..

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Bothered by hyperpigmentation? Learn more about its causes and how to treat it

What is hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation is darkening of the skin caused by an overproduction of pigment. It affects women and men of all ethnic groups, and causes some patches of the skin to appear darker than the rest. What Causes hyperpigmentation N..

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What are Ceramides?

If you are a skincare nerd, you know the difference between vitamin C and Niacinamide. You know your Retinyl Palmitate from your Retinaldehyde. And you probably recognize most of the plant extracts by their Latin names. One ingredient that is often overlooked is ceramide. M..

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Hyaluronic Acid Explained

Spring will arrive at some point. Until then, one thing we should all do regardless of our skin type is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. One ingredient that can make all the difference? Hyaluronic acid. What is Hyaluronic acid? When someone mentions acids, the first associatio..

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How to Pick A Cleanser for Your Skin Type

Healthy skin starts with the right cleanser. A good cleanser keeps your skin clean, comfortable, and balanced and preps it for all the other steps in your skincare routine. The uppermost part of the epidermis is called Stratum Corneum. The top part of Stratum Corneum is cal..

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The Skin Benefits of Algae Extract

In our pursuit of healthy skin, every so often, we have to decide what we are willing (and not willing) to put on our faces. Some ingredients might sound odd at first, but that doesn't mean they don't work. Case in point? Algae. Not our favourite thing to encounter when goin..

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What is Coenzyme Q10?

When you are a card-carrying member of a skincare nerds club, anyone will tell you - it is easy to get distracted with the new and shiny. Be it a product, an acid, or a skincare ingredient. Given, there are tried-and-tested favourites (Retinol, vitamin C, and Mandelic acid ..

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Why You Need Ceramides in Your Skincare Routine

Ceramides are skin-identical ingredients. They are an essential part of our skin, and we all need them in our routines regardless of our skin type. What are ceramides? Ceramides comprise a vital component of the skin. Ceramides are natural lipids and they make up over 50..

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7 Need to Know Facts About Retinol Skincare

Retinol can help reduce wrinkles, refine skin texture, repair sun damage and reduce both acne and acne related scarring. It is one of the most researched skincare ingredients available and has provable benefits. We have compiled a list of seven need to know facts to help you..

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How Sugar Ages the Skin

We have all heard that sugar is bad for us, but did you know that a sweet tooth may lead to wrinkles? This surprising fact is down to what happens in your body when you eat sugar. To blame is a natural process known as glycation, in which the sugar in your bloodstream attach..

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