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Mandelic Acid

Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) extracted from bitter almond that has been studied extensively as a treatment for common skin concerns as photoaging, acne and melasma. Its use was developed by the doctor behind Retin-A and found to be extremely effective for adult acne due to its unique anti ageing properties and unique antibacterial properties. It can be used by individuals with rosacea, active acne cysts and pimples. Despite being stronger, it is less irritating than glycolic acid and can be used safely on dark skin. This makes Mandelic Acid the top choice for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acid skincare. We have formulated a range of mandelic acid products, to suit a wide variety of skin types. Our popular mandelic acid cleanser is a great place to start your mandelic acid skincare journey, combining mandelic acid with poly hydroxy acid in the form of a gentle face wash. We also offer a gentle 5% mandlic acid lotion, and mandelic acid serums with prebiotics and glycoin.

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Ultralase 5 Moisturiser


Ultralase 5 is a light, refining moisturiser with 5% Mandelic acid and a ph of 3.5.  Easily abs..

Ultralase Cleanse Mandelic Gluconic Acid Face Wash


Mandelic Acid Foaming Cleanser with Poly Hydroxy Acid  This combined mandelic acid and gluconi..

Ultralase 10 Serum


Our 10% Mandelic Acid leave-on treatment serum targets acne, blemishes, post-inflammatory hyperpigme..

Ultralase 15 Serum


Our 15% Mandelic Acid serum is expertly formulated with natural prebiotics, hydrating polysaccharide..

Ultralase 10 Serum Trial Size


The smaller 10ml sized version of our popular 10% Mandelic Acid Treatment means that you can easily ..

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