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 Acid-based skin cleansers can be a gentler alternative to physical exfoliants, such as scrubs or brushes . Physical exfoliants can cause micro scratches and irritation, especially if used too frequently or if the skin is already sensitive or compromised. Acid-based cleansers, on the other hand, provide a more controlled exfoliation that is gentler on the skin. Acids can also provide additional benefits, working at a deeper level.


Moisten your face with warm water and massage in 1 or 2 pumps of mandelic acid foaming cleanser. Remove with a warm damp face cloth and rinse away any remaining residue. Use 1 to 2 times daily, depending upon your skincare needs.

Pro-tip: For a deep cleanse, try using this face wash with a sonic face brush.

Ultralase Cleanse Mandelic Gluconic Acid Face Wash

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The UK Original Mandelic Face Wash

An award winning acid based cleanser

Hero Ingredients:

Mandelic Acid & Gluconic acid

Skin Types:

Blemish prone, congested, dull.

Mandelic Acid Foaming Cleanser with Poly Hydroxy Acid


This combined mandelic acid and gluconic acid foaming cleanser exfoliates away pore-blocking dead skin cells and reduces breakouts. Over time it brightens skin tone and helps to fade hyperpigmentation.  Formulated with our own proprietary skin-friendly blend of soap-free cleansing agents, Ultralase Mandelic Acid Face Wash produces a soft dense foam when mixed with water. This is the ultimate cleanser for achieving naturally clear skin and can produce visible effects in days. 100ml Ph 3.5

Ishtar was the first UK brand to develop Mandelic Acid leave-on treatments, and our mandelic acid cleanser is one of our most popular products. Ultralase face wash contains a multi-acid blend of 12% mandelic acid and gluconic acid in a gentle foaming base.  This combination of Mandelic Acid - an alpha hydroxy acid - with Gluconic Acid - a poly hydroxy acid - is unique to the Ishtar brand and delivers fantastic results. Mandelic Acid is hands down the best acid for tackling adult acne and hyperpigmentation. Poly Hydroxy Acids, meanwhile, are third-generation acids attracting a lot of attention for their exciting ability to renew the skin without causing sensitization.

What Makes it Great:

  • Ultralase face wash contains 6% Mandelic Acid, an Alpha Hydroxy Acid found in bitter almonds with unique antibiotic properties.
  • Ultralase face wash also contains 6% Gluconic Acid, a Poly Hydroxy Acid found in honey with skin regenerative and exfoliating properties
  • Ultralase Mandelic Acid and Gluconic Acid cleansing face wash refines and exfoliates the skin, reducing breakouts and preventing congestion.
  • Long term use fades sun spots and discolouration.
  • Ultralase Mandelic acid and Gluconic acid cleansing face wash uses a proprietary blend of gentle cleansing agents. It is vegan, not tested on animals and is SLS and parabens free.