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Unmask Cleansing Oil


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Unmask Cleansing oil is a gentle, soap-free  cleansing oil for normal to combination skin types. It rinses away easily with water.  It is specially formulated to remove stubborn makeup and sunscreens. Oil based cleansers work with natural skin oils, dissolving sebum and trapped impurities without stripping the skin of its protective layer. Unmask Oil is formulated with natural oils, esters, and emulsifiers meaning that it can be rinsed away with a warm wash cloth and water. Unmask Oil is lightly fragranced with natural extracts, for a pleasant, refreshing cleansing experience.

Extra Info:

Unmask Cleaning Oil is formulated with the following actives:

  • Macademia oils has similar qualities to jojoba oil and has a pleasant skin feel.
  • Liquid emulsifiers that remove makeup and stubborn deposits, yet leave skin soft after rinsing.
  • Cucumber Extract - to tone and refresh. This extract imparts a delicious scent to the product.
  • Mentha Spicata Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract & Geranium Maculatum Extract & Citrus Aurantium Amara Flower Extract
  • Vitamin E


Unmask Cleansing Oil  effortlessly removes stubborn makeup and sunscreen ensuring that the skin is left free from pore congesting residues. Massage Unmask Oil into skin then remove with a hot, damp face cloth and  rinse with water. Each bottle contains 100ml (1 month supply).

If desired follow-up with a gentle, foaming wash for an effective double cleanse.

Skin Type:

Normal-Combination skin. Makeup removal.

Dry, sensitive skin may like to ry our unfragranced Thistle & Oat Cleansing Oil, which has a richer formula.